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Come to Avoriaz by train and save on your stay !

Come in train

Traveling by train from the United Kingdom or Paris to the Alps can reduce your carbon footprint by over 80%!


Today, more than ever, we must protect the mountains.


Revolutionary in its concept, Avoriaz was just as groundbreaking in its commitment to sustainable development at a time when ecology was in its infancy. Today, Avoriaz remains committed on a daily basis to sustainable development.


Alpin Express

Come to Avoriaz by train and save on your stay!

Businesses in Morzine and Avoriaz have come together to encourage our visitors to take the train. The Montagne Verte association has collaborated with various partners to offer you a discount booklet, including commercial gestures for travelers coming to the Alps by train.

We want to encourage you to change your mobility! Taking the train is an excellent way to take concrete action for environmental protection! »

Why take the train?

In ski resorts, the transportation of people is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions. It accounts for more than 50% of the carbon footprint of your holidays! Changing your mobility can thus have a significant impact on your emissions and our environmental footprint. Opting for the train more frequently is the first important step towards sustainable tourism !


How it works

  • Book your train ticket.
  • Send your proof of purchase to with the details of your trip, including the essential information: proof of purchase for your train ticket, full names of the traveler(s), and travel dates.
  • Receive a personalized PDF certificate.
  • Use the certificate via email when making a reservation, renting ski equipment, arranging a transfer, or participating in an activity, etc., or on your smartphone when paying for services at the resort.

The list of partner merchants:

Montagne Verte

At the beginning of 2019, Barbara de Moubray, along with a few friends, began working on reducing plastic waste in Morzine. In March 2019, this small group started organizing events and developing an online presence to raise awareness, leading to the creation of Montagne Verte. Around the same time, many governments worldwide were declaring climate emergencies. It became evident that action needed to go beyond the fight against plastic and encompass sustainability and the environment as a whole.

The Mission of Montagne Verte.

The association was officially registered as a non-profit organization (association loi 1901) in August 2019. Montagne Verte is also recognized as a public-interest organization within the environmental protection domain.

Discover the work of Montagne Verte.


Additional Information:

Do I qualify for a discount on my train ticket ?

The AlpinExpress offers discounts to those who arrive by train. However, it does not provide a discount on your train ticket.

Where is the nearest train station ?

The closest train station to Morzine – Avoriaz – Les Gets is Cluses (or possibly Thonon-les-Bains). From there, you can be transported by buses or by one of our participating transfer companies (with your pass, you’ll also enjoy a discount).

>>How to come in Avoriaz <<

Does this apply if I take a train from or to the airport ?

No. If you take the train to an airport and then take a flight to Geneva (or any other alpine airport), you are not eligible for an AlpinExpress Pass. This initiative aims to promote train travel as a genuine alternative.

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To make your journey to Avoriaz as seamless as possible, we offer This platform allows you to book your journey to Avoriaz by combining different modes of transportation if necessary (train, coach, car rental, plane, taxis). With just one click, book your journey including all the transportation tickets you need for your vacation in our resort.

You have 6 options to choose from when making a reservation: trains, buses, shuttles, car rentals, planes, and taxis.

For each calculated route, CO2 emissions and transit times are displayed. This enables you to manage your journey and its planning while being more environmentally friendly.