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The Lil’Stash is an enchanted forest where little Shreddie hides. It has tree huts, barbecues, wobbly bridges, ropes, sculptures, a slide and other play features, all in the middle of the Proclou forest.

The Lil’stash, a smaller version of the STASH, is a snowpark designed specially for children. This is the ideal spot for learning to slide and discover those first freestyle sensations. The Proclou green slope starting in the Falaise sector is a wide beginners’ run with a fun area installed down one side.

The whoops (a succession of bumps), little kickers (moguls) and boxes (freestyle modules) are at ground level to allow them to stay in control and make gentle progress.


Shreddie's tree huts

In the middle of the slope, a wooden ark leads to the heart of Proclou Forest, where the slope is dotted with wooden sculptures of giant toadstools and fantastic creatures that come straight out of Shreddie‘s world.

  • Who is Shreddie? He is a cross between a beaver, a yeti and a gorilla, and has a powerful jaw which he uses to cut down trees to make snowpark modules and huts in the forests of Avoriaz 1800.
  • How old is Shreddie? Shreddie celebrated his 10th birthday in February 2018 when all his friends were invited to the Lil’Stash for a huge party.
  • What’s his favourite pastime? Shreddie is an excellent snowboarder and mountain biker. He’s the one who invented such strange names for the modules: Whoops / Box / Rail / Wall…

Shreddie is the master of this site. He is a friendly yeti who lives in the tree huts. He loves snowboarding and you may well cross his path. He takes pleasure in sharing with you his slide, his banana-shaped swing and the self-service gas barbecues. This is the perfect place for a picnic !

Lil'Stash foret Snowpark famille Avoriaz


The STASH and its smaller version, the LIL’STASH are 2 iconic and eco-friendly snowparks where the modules are made from dead wood collected in the local forests.

These skiing and snowboarding facilities are also part of the ski area’s reforestation zones and feature information panels to to make visitors aware of the need to adopt more mindful, eco-friendly behaviour.

SERMA has worked for many years on environmental issues and aims to keep this resort free from vehicles.

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