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Avoriaz is a must-do for downhill and enduro mountain biking fans. Discover this unique playground in the domain of Portes du Soleil.

From Avoriaz, you can easily reach the resort’s Bike Park with its 4 sectors: Seraussaix, Lindarets, Proclou and Super Morzine.
Switch in a few minutes to the Châtel or Pleney areas in Morzine, or even to Switzerland with the Champéry-Morgins Bike Park! Return to the resort even more easily thanks to the chairlifts.

From Avoriaz, start by bike, return by chairlifts and forget the endless queues for the shuttles. 

Avoriaz Bikepark opening 

From June 14th to June 27th, 2024, inclusive > partial opening
From June 21th to September 1st, 2024, inclusive > full opening
From September 2nd to September 15th, 2024, inclusive > partial opening


In a few figures

Avoriaz Bike Park it’s:

  • 4 interconnected areas
  • 19 downhill DH trails (9 flow / 9 tech)
  • 2 enduro / e-bike loops
  • 1 freestyle area / 1 big MTB airbag
  • 10 ski lifts / 0 shuttle to access the entire bike park

New Feature: Chill Con Carne Red Trail : A new red trail will be offered in the Séraussaix area this summer. Its highly aerial profile meets the expectations of experienced mountain bikers and will offer no less than 17 kickers! Entirely shaped by machine with a fairly smooth rolling surface (without roots and rocks) and with built obstacles (dirt bumps, whoops, wooden ramps…), Chill Con Carne is classified in the flowtrail category in our progression scale. As the only red trail in this set of 10 trails, it complements the offering to cover all levels of difficulty.

Discover our 4 mountain biking sectors  

Avoriaz Bike Park features 19 DH slopes leading through mountain pastures and forests, they are designed to suit all levels and maintained by an enthusiastic team of shapers. Here, riders express themselves on an amusing variety of terrain.


The newest sector of Avoriaz bike park, and the most accessible from the village, catering to all skill levels! Traverse the iconic « Lil’Stash » in the heart of the forest, spot the nearby tree-top adventure park, and enjoy the refreshing Proclou forest. Take the Proclou chairlift to access the Lindarets sector (or to switch to the Châtel bike park through the same sector) and admire the view it offers of the Avoriaz-Morzine Golf Course. But shhh 🤫, golfers are focused on their swing! 😉 Descend to the right once at the top of the chairlift and access the MTB airbag on the plateau.

  • The green trail « Fourmiz » is an accessible path with a few roots and small turns, featuring a long bridge amidst a field of wildflowers. It’s generally the first trail to take when starting from Avoriaz. A relaxing ride!
  • The blue trail « Goupil » is an introduction to natural mountain biking! With small roots and « north shores » (i.e., bridges), this moderately steep but technical terrain will help build confidence on your bike! It’s recommended to first ride other more « flowy » blue trails to gain confidence.
  • The red trail « Walibi » includes step-downs and jumps in the roots, making it a fairly technical and super fun red trail!

For those who love a challenge, there’s a dedicated enduro/e-bike trail : the « Uphill Flow » trail, perfect… for the climb!


The Lindarets sector is the most technical area of Avoriaz bike park. It provides access to the Châtel bike park via the Chaux-Fleurie chairlift, and it has been fully revamped in recent years. With clayey soil, rocks, and roots, it’s a favorite among fans of technical trails! However, there’s something for every taste:

  • The « Bleue des brochaux » trail has a few rocky sections but mostly consists of well-worked soil, offering berms and a good flow. If you have an intermediate skill level, it’s a great trail to progress towards the red trails. Some sections are slightly more technical than the other blue trails in the rest of the area.
  • The « Dans la forêt » red trail is more technical, featuring step-downs and gaps, steeper slopes for more speed, and beautiful berms. Right from the start, you’ll encounter the « dalle des Lindarets, » a huge relatively smooth rock that is iconic to this sector!
  • There’s also a black trail called « Coupe de France, » which shares the first few meters with the red trail. Highly technical and quite rocky, it’s a thrill for experienced riders! Two connecting trails also provide access to this sector from Seraussaix or Joux Verte: the red « Cabane aux Gardes » and the blue « The Goat. » While they require some pedaling, they offer exciting downhill sections that are wilder than the rest of the bike park and less groomed.

Super Morzine

This is the most famous and popular sector of Avoriaz bike park! It has the highest number of trails in one area and is recognizable for its interwoven berms and jumps everywhere! The most legendary jump, right under the Zore chairlift line, is called the « Grosse Bert' » or « Widow Maker, » and it’s a gathering spot for the most daring riders. Events like the « Whip Off » take place here, which is a competition showcasing this iconic bike move. Next to it, a small area offers two lines of three tabletop jumps in succession, as well as a jump with wood chip landing for testing tricks!

  • A green trail at the bottom of the sector, which is the end of the « Alpage » trail starting from Seraussaix. To ride a green trail from the Super-Morzine sector, take « Soylent Green » 100m to the right from the top of the Zore chairlift, and then switch back to Alpage to return to the same sector. This trail also provides an easy way to switch to Seraussaix and Proclou.
  • 2 flowy and playful blue trails: « Tutti Frutti » and « Cap Canaveral. » To access the famous « Grosse Bert’, » you should take the latter. Blast off! 🚀 Tutti Frutti also provides access to a hidden trail called « No-Name, » which is a small but super fun red segment with a series of berms. You’ll find it after the two consecutive tabletop jumps, in the second half of the trail.
  • 2 red trails, « Racine Carrée » and « Da Trail »: As the name suggests, « Racine Carrée » is a carpet of roots! It’s ideal for progressing on technical terrain. With « Da Trail, » you’ll discover a mix of flowy sections between technical segments with roots, and most importantly, access to a beautiful road gap!
  • 1 black trail: « Hattock. » Here, things get serious! Road gaps, doubles, gaps, step-downs… it’s an aerial sequence awaiting you. It’s possible to bypass all the jumps, but the trail remains technical with challenging root sections.

During peak season, avoid the area around 10-11 am to avoid queueing for the chairlift. However, between noon and 2 pm is the perfect time to enjoy it!


Named after the alpine pasture where this sector is located, Seraussaix is very flowy and ideal for progression! A delicious break at the Seraussaix Farm and saying hello to the cows grazing next to the trails are must-do activities in this area of Avoriaz Bike Park!

  • The green trails “Alpage” and “Soylent Green” offer an ideal terrain for beginners, with a sequence of whoops and first berms on a gentle slope.
  • The blue trail “Stand High Patrol” is very « freestyle » and features numerous jumps, a step-down, and a big step-up as a red variation towards the bottom.

You’ll also find an e-bike/enduro segment called « The Loop » there.

Flow Trail

This is a list of itineraries from the most difficult to the easiest trails entirely smoothed out by machine and unobstructed by roots or stones. The Flow Trails feature manmade and natural obstacles (pumps, whoops, wooden ramps, etc.) and some include non-compulsory jumps which can be easily avoided if necessary.

Follow the guide on the MTB map

TECH Trail

Here you’ll find a list of the easiest to the most difficult itineraries on fairly natural, hand-crafted tracks whose design preserves the profile and roughness of the existing terrain (roots, pebbles…). This specific design and the additional obstacles (bumps, drops, etc.) require more advanced technical skills.

Follow the guide on the mountain bike map

The Team

All the slopes and trails of Avoriaz are created and maintained by our Avoriaz MTB shapers. You’re sure to come across them along the trails, busy at work with spades or mechanical diggers, so don’t hesitate to stop and say hello or to chat about marmots and mountain bikes.

We are supported by our partners: SANTA CRUZFOXOAKLEYTYRE YOGURTBOSCH

S'Cool Zone & Pump Track

Find the learning area of the Bike Park of Avoriaz.

S’COOL ZONE is located at the top of the Zore chairlift. It will allow the beginner to learn the basics.
With a picnic area, bike repair facility and restaurant, it’s a perfect area for learning. A mini green trail with an extremely gentle slope beckons you to take your technique a step further. 

Once you’ve gained confidence, you can take to the DH slopes and follow the FLOW TRAIL progress chart (the TECH TRAIL slopes will come later).

Discover a preview of the new « Chill Con Carne » track with the Santa Cruz Team:

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