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Open throughout the season, the Restaurants of Avoriaz 1800 offer great quality of service.

Discover our culinary generosity and great local produce: cheese (served cold or hot), charcuterie, ceps, chanterelles, blueberries and of course genepi. The restaurants serve these dishes concocted from traditional recipes or revisited to add a modern touch.

Epicureans will enjoy the bistro-style dishes and sophisticated cuisine of the fine-food restaurants of Avoriaz 1800, where the wine selections will delight your tastebuds with perfect food-and-wine matches.

There’s pizza, pasta and world cuisine to satisfy visitors in search of exotic food, while those on the go can choose from some great fast-food options! Even vegetarians will find what they’re looking for, as most of the restaurant menus include a number of suitable dishes.

Whichever restaurant you choose, the snow-covered streets of Avoriaz allow you to ski to the door! If you prefer high-altitude dining, you’ll find a whole selection of restaurants on the slopes which open and close at the same time as the ski area.

So hurry, give in to that temptation before it fades away!

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