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More than just a brand, Avoriaz 1800 has become a life philosophy that unites us in common values and the art of responsible living. Our partners share these principles and feel the same passion for the mountains, for sport and for innovation.




Dynastar is a source of inspiration in the skiing world, advocating values that are driven by passion, authenticity and audacity. So it was only natural for the brand to team up with Avoriaz 1800 and benefit from the resort’s unique playground.

But beyond the partnership and the philosophy attached to the discovery of skiing in its multiple forms, Dynastar and Avoriaz 1800 are renewing with the very roots of the mountain experience. This is an opportunity to return to basics, share pleasant experiences, and let the mountains work their magic.

For 2 years, Dynastar and Avoriaz 1800 have been encouraging holidaymakers to try cross-country skiing. Visitors can now discover this discipline, or perfect their technique, in the safety of two waymarked trails that have been created at Avoriaz 1800. The fluorescent nighttime excursions proposed for the first time in 2019 were a huge success for the 400 or so participants.

This year, Dynastar and Avoriaz 1800 are organising 3 new nocturnal cross-country ski outings. Keep an eye out for information and sign-up details.



Quiksilver, the iconic snow & surf culture brand of the group Boardriders Inc, was created in 1969 by a group of surfing enthusiasts in Australia. Quiksilver remains loyal to a « lifestyle » based on the founding principles of passion, authenticity and innovation. The brand’s universe is reflected in its logo, a mountain tucked in the trough of a wave, which symbolises its attachment to boardsports and to their respective playgrounds: oceans and mountains.

Quiksilver covers the entire range of snow & surf sportswear, accessories and equipment. Quiksilver is also a name that accompanies the best athletes and major events that have gone down in the history of boardsports.



ROXY is a brand that belongs to the group Boardriders Inc. Created in 1990, ROXY is the first and only boardsports brand to be devoted exclusively to women. It specialises in the development and design of garments that reflect lifestyle and performance as well as being trendy, technically innovating and oozing the mountain and ocean spirit. By creating unique products for surfing, wintersports, fitness training and yoga, and allowing whole generations of pioneering women to revolutionise their sport, ROXY encourages all women to flout convention, in all of life’s realms.



Created in 2005, Miliboo is the French brand of online design furniture. It has also opened three concept stores, including two in Paris and one in Lyon, spaces designed as real living spaces, where the « customer experience » takes on its full meaning.
Miliboo offers a wide and exclusive range of trendy and easy-to-live-with furniture for every room in the house, allowing everyone to create a world of their own, by choosing quality furniture with a functional design to feel good at home.

Miliboo is proud to collaborate today with Avoriaz in its project to open a Working Center for its visitors for the duration of the 2021 / 2022 winter season. A space fitted out and furnished with values such as conviviality, quality and comfort through products made in France.



The Tourist Office is switching to all-electricity and is equipped with 2 electric snowmobiles for its intra-station trips. Once again Avoriaz 1800 takes the first step by testing 100% electric, a first in French resorts. Mountain e-park and the Swiss brand Quantya created this snowmobile especially for Avoriaz 1800, they are the only ones to develop these electric snowmobile models.


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