Platform Go-Morzine-Avoriaz

The carbon emission of a day on the slopes!

Transport is a major issue during your stay! It represents more than 50% of the carbon impact of your holiday!



In all simplicity


Go Morzine-Avoriaz

Go Morzine Avoriaz

To make your trip to Avoriaz as easy as possible. We propose
This platform allows you to book your trip to Avoriaz by combining different means of transport if necessary (train, coach, car hire, plane, taxis). In one click, book your trip including all the transport tickets you need to come on holiday to our resort.

There are 6 possibilities when booking: trains, buses, shuttles, car hire, planes and taxis.

On each calculated route, the CO2 emissions and transit time are displayed. This allows you to control your journey and its planning while being more environmentally friendly.


Come to Avoriaz by train and save on your stay!

Morzine and Avoriaz businesses have joined forces to encourage our visitors to take the train. The Montagne Verte association has collaborated with various partners to offer you a discount booklet, including commercial gestures for travelers coming to the Alps by train.

We want to encourage you to change your mobility! Taking the train is an excellent way to take concrete action for environmental protection!