Soul Flyers in Avoriaz

Soul flyers fly through Avoriaz at 250 km/h in wingsuits

Les Soul Flyers

Fred Fugen, Vincent Cotte and Aurélien Chatard enjoyed a few supersonic crossings between the buildings of Avoriaz.

Street line in Avoriaz

The video was seen millions of times all around the world !

The soul flyer Fred Fugen enjoyed a few supersonic crossings between Avoriaz’s buildings at more than 250 km/h.

The exploit

After a free fall of about 1.000m from a helicopter (2.800m above the sea level), Fred Fugen stops his descent at 15m from the soil and hurtles in a wingsuit at 250 km/h between the buildings and the balconies of the resort.

Once again, Fred defied the extreme with a complicated technique which consists in flattening his wings by using the speed he gained during the descent and crossing Avoriaz without losing his altitude.

The unfolding 

Fred Fugen, Vincent Cotte and Aurélien Chatard jumped 5 times in 5 hours. Aurélien participated in the tracking and setting up flights for the cameramen. Vincent flew in patrol and filmed Fred during his flight.

The first drop was a setting up for everyone. The 3 men jumped solo. The main difficulty was to
find where and when to flatten the wingsuit to cover as much of the distance as possible while
keeping enough speed to go through the buildings.

The 4 other drops were exploited to have as much footage as they could, with various different

The video filmed by Vincent Cotte in a wingsuit is to be discovered here :


Extreme sportsman, record holder of the highest basejump from a man-made construction, Fred
is the co-founder of the duo freely Soul Flyers. A professional Skydiver, BASE jumper and wingsuit flyer for over 20 years, Fred thrills us with his videos.

A pioneer of modern parachuting, he has been outshining the vertical world for more than a decade.

In addition to their numerous activities in the air, the Soul Flyers also appear in several movies and TV series, they also became consultants for the crème de la crème, the elite of global free falling.

An exceptional sports challenge in a few pictures :

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