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Mountain lakes

Discover the lakes that surround Avoriaz.

For whom ?

An activity to share with your whole family !


Don’t forget to bring your camera ! These lakes are natural treasures.

Do you want both lakes and mountains during a good day ? In Avoriaz, it is possible ! 


There is no shortage of lakes and ponds for swimming and doing water sports in Avoriaz, and they have nothing to ashamed of in comparison to the Mediterranean!

Real postcard landscapes, they are also the opportunity to take refreshing breaks during your hikes or summer walks.

These lakes offer a large range of colors for our pleasure. Emerald green, turquoise, green or even blue sparkles, their water offer a variety of color palettes through the seasons. They offer a 100% natural atmosphere.

If some lakes are only to be discovered by following hike trails, others are more easily accessible. To discover them is to assure yourself nice walks with your fiends or relatives.

Discover without further delay the mountain lakes around Avoriaz !

Lake Montriond

Located about ten kilometers from Avoriaz, Lake Montriond is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the region. Nestled at the foot of immense cliffs, it amazes young and old with its idyllic atmosphere.

Lake Montriond offers you a real outdoor activities centre where activities are non-stop :
swimming, beach, lazing about by the water, canoe-kayak, paddle, pony ride or even minigolf, in an exceptional and preserved setting.

It is an essential geo-site of the Geopark Chablais. Beneath its calm waters, Lake Montriond
reveals an eventful history. As you walk around Lake Montriond, you will discover the glacial
history of the valley, the Ardent waterfall, the catastrophic formation of the lake, the Sardinian land register, but also the story of the extravagant Baron de l’Espée..

A little bit of history : 

Lake Montriond emerged after the subsiding of a part of the Nantaux Mountain in the North West. This undated geological event (from 4.500 years to 3 or 4 centuries !) caused a barricade on the torrent which circulated at the bottom of the valley, hence the formation of the lake.

Useful information : 

The first parking area from Montriond is sometimes full, you can park on the parking lot at the end of the Lake. Free parking areas. Dogs are allowed if kept on a leash.

How to get there ?

Located at an altitude of 1.072m, Lake Montriond is accessible by car but also by shuttle with the Balad’aulps Bus from Montrions or Avoriaz during the Summer. 

Green Lake 

Located at an altitude of 1.980m near the French-Swiss frontier under the Mossettes Point, Green Lake figures among the most beautiful excursions of the Portes du Soleil domain.

The magic and calm of this wonderful place makes it an area the hikers really appreciate. Intact, it reflects its environment, its sky shades and diffuses a beneficial silence.

When walking around the lake, we can enjoy the calm, skim stones, fish (compulsory fishing permit), swim for those who are not sensitive to the cold or count sheep.

A little bit of history :

Not so deep, the lake takes its green color from the pastures that circle it. At the end, an ancient barn offer a gite to GR5 hikers and food to summer visitors. 15 minutes away from here, further down, there’s Chésery Lake (1.891) which the Green Lake feeds. 

Useful information :

You can buy a fishing permit in the refuge of Chésery and you can shorten the route by taking the ski lifts.

How to get there ?

The lake is only accessible by foot and/or with the ski lifts. Find the route  >>ici<<

Taking a break at the refuge of Chésery to taste their homema de pies is highly recommended !

Gold Mine Lake

Located at the bottom of the Manche Valley, about 15 minutes away from the centre of Morzine, this little bucolic lake benefits from a very pleasant environment and conducive to walks with its surrounding cols, mountain pastures and coniferous forests.
By the lake, you will be able to observe the preserved biodiversity and to admire the spectacular « Rouleau de Bostan », amazing rock fold like an « iron skin ». Gold Mine Lake and its view on the Rouleau de Bostan are one the most emblematic geosites of the Chablais UNESCO Global Geopark.

A little bit of history : 

It’s an artificial lake created in 1981 by the municipality Morzine. Its name comes from the presence of a gold dodge at the Coux Col that was exploited at the XVII Century but then abandoned because it was too low in gold.

A little bit of history : 

For everyone, with your family ! A few picnic tables are available at the lake. Kerp your dog on a leash near the herds. In summer, you can park for free by the lake

How to get there ? 

In summer, Gold Mine Lake is accessible by car or by foot from the Fox way. Once you are on site, you can walk on the path that surrounds the lake, fish (on condition that you buy a fishing
permit), eat at the restaurant, go for a hike at the Col de Cou at the Swiss frontier or especially on the GR5.

During winter, Gold Mine Lake is accessible with cross-country skis or with snowshoes. The atmosphere there is calm and soothing. Access to hiking trails is possible but you have to get the necessary safety equipment first.

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