Ski resort

Revolutionary in its concept of an integrated car-free resort, Avoriaz 1800 was just as revolutionary in its commitment to sustainable development, right from the start, at a time when ecology was in its infancy. Today, Avoriaz 1800 remains committed to sustainable development on a daily basis. 

Huge, virtuous and generous, the mountain gives without counting the cost. In return? It only hopes for one thing: mutual respect?

A dual-energy network 

Since 2011, a dual-energy system based on both wood and electricity has supplied heating and domestic hot water to 11 new apartment buildings as well as the Aquariaz facility. Located 1,820 metres above sea level, the 2,000 kW boiler burns wood pellets and can also be boosted electrically during periods of extreme cold.

Soft mobility 

The tourist office is also focusing on soft mobility with 2 electric snowmobiles for daily activities in Avoriaz in winter. Mountain e-park and the Swiss brand Quantya are the only ones to develop these electric snowmobiles and are testing them in Avoriaz 1800.
The resort has 2 charging stations for electric cars (in the covered parking lot, at the resort reception).

In addition, the commune of Morzine-Avoriaz has chosen to rely on bus transportation to limit the impact of the private car in the valley. This network makes it possible to reach the various ski areas (Morzine, Avoriaz, Montriond…), but it also allows year-round residents to get around easily.

Waste sorting

A strategy has been implemented to reduce waste at its source through selective purchasing and by giving priority to recycled products.

Waste is sorted and processed via the appropriate channels. Last but not least, recycling bins can be found across the entire ski area, and the resort also has its own recycling facility.


Other resort-wide commitments 

The reasoned use of salt in winter on the roads (efficient weather service to predict the periods of salting) and no herbicides and pesticides are used for the maintenance of flowers and beds.

The Montagne Verte association organizes an annual waste collection day at the end of the season. Young and old, inhabitants, elected officials and tourists are mobilized to reduce waste!

Many economic actors of the resort are committed to eco-responsible actions and the use of short circuit.

A committed resort 

Besides the measures taken on a daily basis, the Avoriaz Tourist Office is becoming increasingly committed.

In order to respect our natural heritage, and because we are aware of the fragility of the environment that surrounds us, we are committed through the label Flocon Vert via the association Mountain Riders.

Flocon Vert is the label that guarantees the sustainable commitment of mountain tourist destinations through 21 criteria on 4 major themes: Governance & Destination; Local Economy; Social & Cultural; Natural Resources & Ecology.

Protected territory

The destination benefits from the Chablais Geopark label. It has a Natura 2000 zone and several wetlands.

The identity of the Chablais has been shaped over the millennia. This exceptional geological, cultural and human heritage has earned the territory recognition from UNESCO through the Geopark World label.
Each territory bearing the UNESCO Global Geopark label is part of a sustainable development approach in favor of the local populations.

Sustainable development

The energy consumption of mountain areas is a major economic and ecological issue for ski resorts, housing, equipment and tourist accommodation. Avoriaz has been concerned about its environmental impact for several years

Today, Avoriaz has joined a green energy program with Planète OUI . The resort obtains its wind energy from a nearby wind farm, but also from hydraulic, solar and bioenergy sources. 

This 100% local green energy supplies all of the resort’s facilities: the Tourist Office, the Aquariaz, the golf course and the squash & bloc room.

Avoriaz, green resort :

  • Green Spirit

    The resort for pedestrians and skiers

    Avoriaz 1800 was designed with pedestrians in mind, in line with the "car-free" concept that marked the beginnings of this resort which continues to innovate to protect the environment.