The call of the forest The Lil'Stash

The best barbecue spot in Avoriaz 1800!


This easy hike from Avoriaz through the woods is suitable for even the smallest of marmots


A picnic and something to grill on the barbecue (sausages or aubergines depending on what you fancy), and don’t forget something to quench your thirst!


Remember to use recyclable dishes and make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Discover LIL’STASH or the Shreddie tree houses

The perfect spot for a picnic, with 2 gas barbecues available as well as suspended walkways, a slide, ropes, sculptures and games hidden in the heart of the Proclou forest.

You can get there on foot, showshoes or cross-country skis from Avoriaz, find out more below.

The perfect family-friendly walk, leave in the morning and then enjoy a picnic while you’re there thanks to the BBQ available and just enjoy this magical place. Don’t forget the banana swing and a selfie with Shreddie!

This magical place is home to Shreddie, if you bump into him, tell him we said hello.

  • Who is Shreddie? He was born a little fir tree and today is the mascot of our forest. Part castor, part yeti, part gorilla, he shapes the trees with his powerful teeth and builds modules and huts in the forests of Avoriaz 1800. This friendly yeti is the master of the forest and lives in the tree houses.
  • How old is Shreddie?Shreddie celebrated his 10th birthday in February 2018 and had a big party at the Lil’Stash with his friends.
  • What is his favourite hobby?Shreddie is a really good snowboarder and mountain biker, he’s the one who gave the modules their strange names. Whoops / Box / Rail / Wall…

On ski

A nice and easy ski trip from Avoriaz. Join the Proclou sector and follow the signs on the side of the slope.

In nordic skiing

The cross-country skiing itineraries of Avoriaz pass very close by Proclou forest when the Lil’Stash huts are hidden.