A sleigh ride Gee up!

A sleigh ride




A warm outfit.


This is the perfect moment to declare your love for someone or to enjoy a blueberry waffle with your family.

At Avoriaz 1800, the sleighs are taxis, and so much more besides !

Here, you can go on an adventure aboard a sleigh! That’s right, did you know you can book guided tours around Avoriaz 1800?

Set off on a discovery tour of the history and architectural heritage of the resort. What is a “tavaillon »? What was the very first construction in Avoriaz 1800? Why are these residences round? Test your driver on his local knowledge, they know everything.

A magical moment to share as a family or as a couple.

When you’re ready to set off on your adventure, (no bookings are possible, only Monday to Thursday), call the resort’s internal transport department : +(33)4 50 74 01 55 


  • A Little Discovery of Avoriaz 20€ / 4pers..
  • Avoriaz through the ages – 30 € / 4pers..
  • Avoriaz, the full picture – 50 € / 4pers.


Avoriaz is a pedestrian, vehicle-free resort