Lil'Stash is an enchanted forest where little Shreddie is hiding.

Gas barbecues and picnic tables, but also suspended footbridges, slides, ropes, sculptures and games, all waiting to be discovered in the heart of Proclou forest. For children up to 80!

You can walk, ski, cycle or snowshoe to Lil'Stash which you'll find in the Proclou sector.

- So who is Shreddie? He was born a little fir tree and is now the mascot of our forest. Part beaver, part yeti and part gorilla, he has powerful jaws which cut the trees for timber to make the forest cabins and modules you can see in Avoriaz.

- What's his favourite food? Shreddie only eats the fruits of the forest. He loves blueberries and makes them into jam for the winter. He once tried fir-cone tart but found it hard to digest. Although he's a vegetarian, he enjoys going to the Lil'Stash barbecues where he'll sprinkle your grilled sausages with an elixir of pine made from his secret recipe.

- How old is Shreddie? Shreddie celebrated his 10th birthday in February 2018 with a huge party in Lil'Stash to which all his friends were invited.

- What's his favourite pastime? Shreddie is very good at snowboarding and mountain biking. He's the one who gives the modules such strange names, like Whoops, Box, Rail and Wall.