vehicle-free resort


and snow vehicles

Avoriaz is a pedestrian, vehicle-free resort where everyone gets around on skis, on sledges, on foot, or even by sleigh or snow vehicle.

20 sleigh drivers and their 100 horses provide a daytime taxi service that is backed up on arrival days with snow vehicles which also operate a night taxi service. The sleigh drivers each own their sleigh and change the working horses every 2 hours, as the animals’ wellbeing is their priority. The horse breeds used are chosen for their robustness and keen working spirit.

The Avoriaz 1800 intra-resort transport service does not take advance bookings. Simply reserve your ride once you’re outside and ready to leave.

If you need transport, this single number is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day:
+33(0) 4 50 74 01 55



The horse-drawn sleighs of Avoriaz 1800 operate like taxis. Just dial the one-and-only number for Avoriaz 1800 transport as soon as you’re outside and ready for pick-up.

The sleighs carry up to 4 passengers maximum, or 3 people with luggage. The fare depends on the journey taken, and an extra cost of €4 will be charged for luggage.


Snow vehicles

In order to guarantee a 24/7 transport service, our snow vehicles take over from the sleighs from 8 pm until 8 am on weekdays, and also provide back-up on Saturdays when people are leaving or arriving at the resort.

Fares depend on the journey taken and are given for 1 to 5 passengers. Additional passengers will be charged an extra €2 each.


Virtual tour

Explore the resort's snow-covered streets or visit the ski area for a taste of what's to come. While waiting for your holiday, take a quick virtual tour of Avoriaz 1800. 


Avoriaz 1800, the wild gamble of 3 men who, at less than 30 years of age, defied every pre-conceived idea to create this unique and sustainable resort.


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