Pedestrian resort

Avoriaz 1800 has always been car-free and is the only resort in France to be 100% pedestrianised.


Leave the pavements behind and enjoy a carefree break. On the streets, walkers mingle with cyclists, and sometimes there are horse riders and skaters. This one-of-a-kind atmosphere has a real sense of magic and is a paradise for children. In Avoriaz, everything is accessible by foot, even the bakery.

Shortcuts and lifts help those in a rush to cross the resort in less than 15 minutes on foot.


This living architecture which Jacques Labro brought to the ‘organic’ architecture movement, in keeping with the style of Franck Lloyd Wright and Aval Aalto, went against existing models or those built in the same period, such as the strict urban style or neo-rustic style.

The buildings are positioned with the landscape in mind to make the most of the views and the light and to highlight the surrounding mountains. They are nestled against the base of slopes, integrated into the hillsides or built on the plateau to break up any sense of repetition and to create harmony between the architecture and the natural world. The roofs become a fifth level which compliments the shape of the landscape.

Wood is everywhere in Avoriaz. The façades are covered in wood shingles made from red cedar, which is what most roofs in Savoie are made from. This architectural mimicry can also be seen in the choice colours. The shingles are left untreated to let time and the elements leave their mark – the south-facing side becomes mink grey, and the north ash grey, whereas the east and south are a chestnut brown, reminiscent of tree bark or the surrounding rock.


Avoriaz preserves its land by carrying out environmental impact studies in consultation with the National Office for Forests, the Hunting Federation and Alpine associations. Wildlife protection zones have prevented the disappearance of lynx, wolves, black grouse and ptarmigan (snow chickens) from our alpine pastures.


Avoriaz is part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network and the Chablais region has outstanding geological heritage. Visit an Alpine farm, have a picnic by the Brochaux waterfall, take a dip in Montriond lake, enjoy a snack in the goat village of Les Lindarets, have a glass of Fendant (a local wine) in a Swiss-style chalet.

Go hiking through this vast area and discover the secrets of the mountains. See marmots, chamois and ibex and get a taste of country living. Discover the alpine flowers or visit the cheesemakers at Ferme de Séraussaix.


— Tips —  

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