3, 2, 1 ... Go

Sled race


It all depends on where the pilot’s feet are!


A sledge made from wood, plastic, recycled objects, with or without brakes! Warm and waterproof clothing, if possible with padding...


Gloves are essential, and a bottle of water. Time flies by when you’re having fun!

Avoriaz is the perfect place for sledging, wherever and however you please!   

At this pedestrian-only resort, you’ll have a great time if you know how to glide just like a penguin…

For beginners, opt for a slope without bumps, trees and ice. For a sledging experience in complete safety, keep your arms and legs inside the sledge!! A top tip: if you lie back, you’ll pick up much more speed! You can go sledging at any age. All you need is a bit of balance and you can hit the snow-covered slopes!

If you want to, head to the sledging run at the centre of the resort behind the tourist office. It is equipped with lighting and clearly marked out.

The ski hire shops have a wide range of sledges on offer.

We guarantee you’ll have a superb experience and some great fun.

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