Up & Down Climb the mountains

Observe the beauty of the snowy landscape


Ski-touring is a sport everyone can enjoy, even if it can be quite strenuous on the way up!


Ski-touring skis, poles, ski skins and remember your safety equipment. Rental of equipment is possible in the resort.


Make sure you bring some water and a nice big chunk of cheese with you! Ski-touring can work up quite an appetite!

A real breath of fresh air.

This mini adventure is a real breath of fresh air. Here, at Avoriaz 1800 we love this activity and sometimes we even go for a quick expedition during our lunch break.

This year is a strange one, so why not try out something new. If you’ve wanted to try ski-touring for a long time, you’ve got no more excuses, this is the year to try it.

Ski-touring with skis or on a splitboard (for snowboarders), it’s time to try a more easy-going mountain adventure, one where you respect the environment, one that is free-of-charge, and one where the efforts of the uphill climb are rewarded with a thrilling descent. A sport where you take the time to admire the natural surroundings, go at your own pace, and work your hamstrings, thighs and arms all at the same time.

For many, this sport is all about adventure, the wilderness, the ultimate sport of the mountains. The unique feeling of being in a place where nobody has been before, or where nobody dares to venture.  But while a ski-touring adventure sounds so appealing, make sure you take all the necessary precautions! Here is a list of guides and equipment rental shops for everything you’ll need for your end-of-year outings.



The ski area is closed so skiers will be going out at their own risk. We recommend checking the weather forecast and risks of avalanche before setting off. We also recommend you take the right safety equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, ABS rucksack, etc.).

To make life easier for skiers, the itineraries in the following sectors will be groomed and made safe to use:

  • From Avoriaz > the climb and descent along the Bleue du Lac slope.
  • From Morzine-Les Prodains > the climb and descent along Crôt Slope
  • From Montriond > the climb and descent along Parchets Slope and the Combe A Floret Slope. The uphill itinerary will take you via the village of Lindarets and Lindarets plateau.

Ski-touring is authorised on these trails between 9am and 4pm
Outside of these times, access to the ski-touring trails is forbidden, mainly because this is when the trails of the ski area are prepared and maintained and so it could be dangerous for you (grooming, machinery on the slopes, avalanche blasting, etc.).

Other than those mentioned above, the other ski-touring itineraries that are usually available in the ski area will remain closed.