Christmas elsewhere

Manual workshops


None, but a dose of imagination would be useful.


Fruit, spices, branches, and other treasures found in nature.


It’s all in the article. Come for a Christmas DIY adventure!

It’s great to celebrate Christmas elsewhere, and your destination of choice often happens to be our mountains, to enjoy the snow.

That’s why we’re making the DIY adventure available for you today! Come and find some ideas for Christmas decoration, to turn your rental into a cosy home-from-home

Start by wrapping up warm and going for a walk through the village of Avoriaz and the surrounding area (map of Avoriaz), you’ll be able to collect some branches, pinecones, fir tree branches, bark and lots more treasures. 

Only collect what nature has left for us on the ground, don’t damage anything!

Add to your collection some fruit and spices from the supermarket. You’ll need oranges, cinnamon sticks and cloves, as well as some string or ribbon. And of course, candles, lots of candles!!

Then get some inspiration from the photos below:

  • Clementine candle holder with cloves
  • Keep your glass bottles to use as candlesticks
  • Create a natural table runner
  • Make your own Christmas decorations with lightly grilled slices of orange from the oven
  • More ideas >>here<<

Some more ideas:

  • Christmas playlist >>here<<
  • The “fireplace” background with sound >>here<<
  • Recipe for Christmas biscuits  >>here<<

And finally, forget the turkey and go for a festive raclette

Merry Christmas to everyone