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[Opening on 25th June 2021]

Pre-opening on weekends of 12th-13th June and 19th-20th June (Super Morzine sector only)




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Avoriaz is a must-do for downhill and enduro mountain biking fans. Discover this unique playground in the domain of Portes du Soleil.

The DH (downhill) and enduro trails will delight amateur and professional mountain bikers alike. As with skiing, it is important to be aware of your ability and stick to trails that match your level: green slopes for beginners, blues to progress, reds for the thrills, and blacks to really push out the boundaries!

From Avoriaz, it’s easy to reach the resort’s Bike Park which has 3 sectors: Seraussaix, Lindarets and Super Morzine. In just a few minutes you can be on the other side of the mountain in the Châtel area, or at Le Pleney in Morzine, or even in the Champéry – Morgins Bike Park in Switzerland! Again, beware! Make sure you find out beforehand if the sector you’re aiming for is suitable for your mountain biking level.

Discover our 3 mountain biking sectors  

Avoriaz Bike Park features 18 DH slopes and 2 Enduro trails. Leading through mountain pastures and forests, they are designed to suit all levels and maintained by an enthusiastic team of shapers. Here, riders express themselves on an amusing variety of terrain.

The highly technical Lindarets sector will keep experienced downhillers satisfied, while the the Seraussaix sector is more suitable for novice mountain bikers and children who will make the most of facilities designed for their very first descent.
Super Morzine is a sector with an assortment of slopes to keep both experts and beginners happy.

  • Super Morzine sector:  1 green, 2 blues, 2 reds, 1 black, 1 long-distance trail / Repair station + BBQ at the top of the Zore chairlift / Bike wash station at the bottom of the Zore chairlift 
  • Seraussaix sector:  2  greens, 2 blues, 1 red, 1 long-distance trail / Repair station at the top of the Seraussaix chairlift / BBQ spot at Lil’Stash (Fourmiz slope)
  • Lindarets-Mossettes sector: 2 blues, 1 red, 1 black, 1 long-distance trail / Bike wash and repair station at the bottom of the Lindarets chairlift, and lots of restaurants

On the Avoriaz MTB map, you’ll find a progress chart listing mountain bike trails from the easiest to the most difficult. The key will help you find BBQ spots, repair stations, bike wash stations, viewpoints, new features, etc.

For your first experience, call upon a professional to accompany you, and be sure to wear appropriate protective gear (helmet compulsory, knee and elbow pads and back protector highly recommended).

Overview of the Super Morzine sector



Services and facilities 

  • 3 free bike wash stations: 1 behind the fire station, 1 at the bottom of the Zore chairlift and 1 at the bottom of the Lindarets chairlift. 
  • maintenance and repair facilities: tools and pumps available near the lifts and at all mountain bike schools and rental outlets (Avoriaz Bike Shop, Rustine Bike School, …).
  • mountain bike maps available from the Tourist Office and lift cash desks.
  • free MTB mobile app: Avoriaz Up&Down
  • 2 BBQ spots at the top of  the Zore chairlift and at Lil’Stash (Fourmiz slope)
  • an MTB charter implemented across the domain to encourage mindful behaviour by mountain bikers and hikers sharing the terrain.

FLOW trails

This is a list of itineraries from the most difficult to the easiest trails entirely smoothed out by machine and unobstructed by roots or stones. The Flow Trails feature manmade and natural obstacles (pumps, whoops, wooden ramps, etc.) and some include non-compulsory jumps which can be easily avoided if necessary.

Follow the guide on the MTB map

TECH trails

This is a list of itineraries from the easiest to the most difficult on mostly natural and hand-shaped trails that follow the contours of the terrain created by roots, stones, etc. This specific design, which also includes manmade features (moguls, drops, etc.) requires greater technical skills.

Follow the guide on the MTB map

Follow the guide

The signs opposite can be seen in Avoriaz Bike Park

The ENDURO / E-BIKE loop trails offer a mix of downhill and cross-country mountain biking terrain of all types with uphill and downhill sections. They are especially suitable for mountain bikers who enjoy a physical challenge, as well as E-bikers.

°Help protect the mountains by taking your empty bottles, inner tubes, packet tear-off strips and any other rubbish away with you. Thank you!



The team

All the slopes and trails of Avoriaz are created and maintained by our Avoriaz MTB shapers. You’re sure to come across them along the trails, busy at work with spades or mechanical diggers, so don’t hesitate to stop and say hello or to chat about marmots and mountain bikes.

We are supported by our partners: SANTA CRUZFOXOAKLEYTYRE YOGURTBOSCH

S'Cool Zone & Pump Track


2 practice areas are at your disposal in Avoriaz:

  • PUMP TRACK: on the Chapelle des Prisonniers plateau at the entrance to the resort. This wooded area with a pumptrack invites you to try your first berms, and a fun zone with natural features offers the chance to test your handling skills for those first mountain biking thrills.
  • S’COOL ZONE: at the top of the Zore chairlift, with a picnic and BBQ area, bike repair facility and restaurant. A mini green trail with an extremely gentle slope beckons you to take your technique a step further. 😉

Once you’ve gained confidence, you can take to the DH slopes and follow the FLOW TRAIL progress chart (the TECH TRAIL slopes will come later).

Super Morzine - Avoriaz Resort link

To return to Avoriaz from the Super Morzine or Seraussaix sectors, the free local shuttle bus can save your legs the effort of pedaling back to the village.

The service runs daily from Seraussaix farm between 3rd July and 28th August, from 11am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm, . MTB map.


Tout le domaine d’Avoriaz dans votre poche avec l’application « Avoriaz Up&Down »

Avoriaz Up&Down offers multiple features and services to users of the domain of Avoriaz.

  • Live info > lift opening times, weather forecast, webcams,
  • MTB trail map,
  • Enduro routes and points of interest to avoid missing any of those mountain pleasures,
  • A route guidance feature for a stress-free trip across the domain,
  • Interactive map with geolocation feature to see exactly where you are on the slopes,
  • Real-time information on lift queues,
  • Geolocated SOS calls,
  • Lift pass top-up

Download it for free on your smartphone!


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