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The varied Portes du Soleil itineraries offer a huge diversity of scenery ranging from ridges to forests and from cols to mountain pastures, with views of Mont Blanc and the Dents du Midi.

More than 40 walking routes criss-cross the domain to the delight of hikers and nature lovers eager to explore the great outdoors and discover the mountain fauna and flora between lakes, waterfalls and torrents.

There are temptations galore, all within a 30-minute walk from Avoriaz, like a visit to a mountain farm, a picnic at the Brochaux waterfall, a dip in Montriond Lake, a snack at Les Lindarets, the goat village, or a chance to taste a glass of Fendant in a mountain village of typical Swiss chalets…

Walkers can also use some of the summer lifts (remember to purchase a lift pass) to travel up or down the mountain and enjoy breathtaking views over Switzerland, the Dents du Midi, the village of Avoriaz, etc.

Seasoned hikers will use their own muscle power to tackle the Portes du Soleil trails in their entirety. Make sure you’re suitably equipped for your hike and remember to prepare ahead. The mountains demand caution in summer as well as winter.

Discover our walking guide:

What gear to wear for hiking?

To be prepared for rain or shine, you’ll need:

  • A T-shirt in merino or technical fabric
  • Several pairs of hiking socks
  • A hat
  • A waterproof windcheater
  • A fleece
  • Shorts
  • Light trousers

Doingyour bit


Pierre Rabhi’s story about the hummingbird raises a simple question about day-to-day life: how can we each do our bit to help safeguard our wide open spaces against the threat of piles of cigarette ends, wrappers, empty bottles and other plastic items? And because it’s our job to send you exploring into the heart of nature, we thought we’d set you the challenge of helping to keep your favourite spots clean! #trashchallenge

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5 Nature Apps to pop into your rucksack

VisoRando allows you to follow hiking itineraries proposed by its community. You enter your location and the app indicates routes in the vicinity with, for each one, the duration, level of difficulty, elevation range and so on. Once you’ve made your choice, you download the map and follow it in real time with the help of the geolocation feature.

If you usually take something to read in the mountains, try reading the mountains themselves instead! The PeakFinder Earth application claims to be able to identify over 250,000 summits across the planet, from the Everest mountain range to that small hill down the road.

For your nature walks, the Geocaching app invites you to discover various knick-knacks hidden by its community members (7 million users worldwide). It’s straightforward, it’s fun and it’s addictive!

There you are, out hiking with your head full of the names of mountains, when a little flower suddenly catches your eye. Chances are you didn’t bring the Delachaux & Niestlé 700-page guide to wild flowers with you! No worries, we have just the app you need. Pl@ntnet is the Shazam equivalent for identifying plants!

We know what you’re thinking… After the wild flowers, there are all those tall trees seen in the forest to identify… Larch, Scots pine or white pine? And what about those animal tracks you were debating about over dinner at the refuge? « I’m telling you, it was a fox… » « Of course it wasn’t, I bet you… » You’ve guessed it, there’s an application for that too. No doubt Clés de Forêt will be of interest to many of you.

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The mountains represent only 25% of the earth's surface, yet they are truly a biodiversity sanctuary. Discover the species that inhabit our mountains.


Pedestrian lift passes

Take the pedestrian lifts and discover breathtaking scenery. The waymarked trails will guide you on walks that anyone can do.

  • The alternative mountain holiday


    Need inspiration for your activities? This summer, discover the micro-adventures of Avoriaz 1800, an alternative way to have fun with family or friends. Pampering experiences, gourmet discoveries, explorations of the landscape and sporting adventures. Succumb to temptation but first, let us explain!