Taxis with a difference



Sleighs, carriages, sledges, horses, tracked vehicles, shuttle service, etc. 
There are plenty of names to describe the exceptional transport system at Avoriaz 1800

Avoriaz, the unique vehicle-free resort with a big difference from other resorts, both in winter and summer

Unload your luggage
and leave your vehicle on one of the car parks (indoor/outdoor).
Welcome to - Snow Heaven -

At this resort you won't need the car; you'll walk on snow or ski to your door, skateboard through alleyways or take to the cycle paths.

Sleighs, carriages, sledges, horses, tracked vehicles and shuttle service
Little train, electric carriage and shuttle service

To make life easy for you at the resort, a 24/7 transport service is at your disposal. 

Summer fares: Between 0 and €5

Winter fares: from €15



Without any cars, this resort is a delight. You go everywhere on foot, in a horse-drawn carriage or by snowmobile.

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