Nordic Walking


Avoriaz becomes a centre for Nordic walking initiation, with 8 marked trails of 5, 10 and 15km.
Our instructors and guides will introduce you to Nordic Walking, a sport that is accessible for everyone, especially for seniors.
2 trails – easy level – (Blue): 4,80 km and 5,90 km.
4 trails – medium level – (Red) : 4,70 km, 5 km, 7,8 km and 8,6 km
2 trails – difficulty level (Black) : 13 km and 13,60 km

Very popular in Austria, this sport allows you to keep in good shape while enjoying a pedestrian adventure. Practiced with the help of special walking poles called “Nordic sticks”; this sport allows you to breathe fresh air and to stay in harmony with nature.

You can rent Nordic sticks at Superski and at Antoine Sport.
Free access.


Nordic walking is an open-air leisure sport with a dynamic and harmonious pace, giving a general work out to all the body’s muscle chains. This walking-style is practiced with the help of two long poles resulting in the whole body being used and not only the legs.
It is not a top competition sport but a new concept in movement, the kind of activity that works simultaneously on endurance and muscle tone.

The principal behind Nordic walking is simply to accentuate the natural arm swinging movement, propelling the body forwards with the help of the two long poles called ‘Nordic Sticks’. Made from a mixture of fibres (carbon/ glass fibres) they are one moulded piece with rubber ends suitable to all types of terrain. The sticks’ support avoids any kind of joint traumas.

Nordic walking sessions always include a bit of gym for total body fitness. These sessions begin with warming up muscles and joints to increase the blood flow and end with a bout of stretching. The sticks are used during each exercise.

90% of our muscles are used during this sport.

It is a discipline with numerous strong points as far as fitness is concerned.

• It strengthens the general tone of the muscle chain: you build up muscles everywhere. The complete movement of Nordic walking allows a general work-over for all the body’s muscle chains. Using the Nordic Sticks favours the development of the upper body: abdominals, arms, chest, shoulders and neck.

• Improves cardio-vascular capacity and oxygen supply: get toned the gentle way!
Dynamic walking with 2 poles is equivalent in cardio-vascular effort to jogging. Oxygen consumption increases by up to 60%!

• Increased burning up of calories: you get thinner quicker with less effort. By using all the body’s muscle chains, Nordic walking noticeably increases the energy output, up to 40% more than with traditional walking.

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