Electric MTB Matra

Electric MTB Matra

Situated on the route des Grandes Alpes, Morzine-Avoriaz offers a package deal on arrival to cyclists.


The route des Grandes Alpes is 720 km long and links Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean, with 18 legendary passes along the way. www.route-grandes-alpes.com/route-des-grandes-alpes

For the happy cyclist:
• 15 mapped out routes
• 25 passes, minimum 50 km
• Host to 22 stages of the Tour de France
• The Lake Geneva route nearby
• Trails of all levels of difficulty, from 30 to 150k m
• Incredibly varied scenery: forests, alpine pastures, lakes and rivers, etc.
For the organised cyclist:
• Specialist shops
• Childcare centre
• Transfers from the airport or train station
• Reception 7 days a week
• Booking centre
There is a description, detailed itinerary, distance, steepness, average time length, and water

For the seasoned cyclist:
• Be sure to check the weather forecast before setting off. Use the local forecast provided by Chamonix Météo by phone on +33 (0)8 99 71 02 74 (a recorded weather bulletin) or go online at www.chamonix-meteo.com
• Look up any roadworks that may affect your route. These are usually done during spring and autumn and certain passes can be closed or hard to access, particularly on the descent. For more information: Call +33 (0)4 50 66 10 74 or go online to www.cg74.fr
• Some of the higher passes close during winter. Look up which passes are open on the website www.cols-cyclisme.com/ouverture-cols.htm
• Be sure to save the international emergency services number on your mobile phone: 112
• Make sure to keep on top of any wear-and-tear in your equipment to avoid any mechanical mishaps (flat tires or breaking your chain).
• First aid kit: disinfectant wipes, plasters, blister plasters and an elastic band can come in handy.
• Bring food and enough water
• Bring a warmer layer, like a windbreaker, for your descents. A change of clothes wouldn’t go amiss after a long ride.

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“Silence is also what makes the mountains beautiful: especially when, like me, you’ve known the hubbub around the most challenging passes on the Tour de France!  “Make the most of your bike ride by keeping up your effort on the uphill and take care when coming down”. Thomas Voeckler