When it first opened, Avoriaz introduced a “zero car” concept and is still continuing to innovate, on an environmental front.


Insulated snow doors to improve building insulation, completely independent balconies to ensure a thermal bridge break and external insulation. A whole district bearing the  Green Key  accreditation – the top international accreditation for eco-friendly tourist accommodation. Avoriaz is an entirely car-free ski resort where you can wear your skis anywhere.


Energy consumption below 44% in accordance with thermal regulations. A 2,000 kW wood-burning boiler, to supply energy to 470 lodgings and the Aquariaz water park. Additional energy, for the wood-burning boiler and the rest of the resort, is provided by a power plant that is equipped with a controller (the first of its kind in France) which calculates whether it is peak or off-peak and meets the resort’s needs in real time. When the façades are renovated, the wood is kept and recycled into fuel for the boiler.


The current policy aims to reduce waste at the source. Purchases are selected, giving priority to recycled products. Waste is sorted and processed through the appropriate channels. There are waste sorting bins available across the whole ski area. The resort also has an on-site waste depot

—  Top Tip —  

Sort your waste just as you would at home and place it in the appropriate bins (household waste, glass and recycling) found across the resort. 



To ensure our snowcats are environmentally responsible , drivers are obliged to take part in a training course to make sure they drive the machines in an environmentally responsible way, and they are also equipped with the Snowsat system (software which measures the thickness of the snow to the millimetre).

Nearly all snow canons have been replaced by modern machines which consume 3 times less energy. In addition, the snow canons are used very rarely and carefully. The high altitude of the ski area means that there is natural snow cover most of the time.

The STASH & the LIL’STASH are 2 spaces that have been created in the middle of the forest for those who are passioante about both winter sports and nature. Representative of an eco-friendly ski experience, just as Jake Burton (creator of the BURTON Snowboard brand) wanted, all the modules are made using dead wood from the local forests. This is also a reforestation area.  


Avoriaz preserves its land by carrying out environmental impact studies in consultation with the National Office for Forests, the Hunting Federation and Alpine associations. Wildlife protection zones have prevented the disappearance of lynx, wolves, black grouses and ptarmigan (snow chickens) from our alpine pastures.

—  Top Tip —  

We recommend you use organic sun cream so that you can protect your skin and the environment at the same time. You can protect your skin as well as the water cycle from the mountains to the oceans, with creams that are not harmful to the environment, like those offered by EQ Love


Besides the efforts made on a daily basis, the Tourist Office is always trying to do more and is introducing a Flocon vert (green snowflake) certification via the association Mountain Riders.

The Tourist Office is also focusing on green transport by using a hybrid car, the KIA electric, for any trips outside of the resort, and 2 electric snowmobiles for everyday operations in Avoriaz. Mountain e-park and the Swiss brandQuantya are the only developers of these electric snowmobile models, and are testing them at Avoriaz.