Évolution 2 Speed riding

Speed riding

Speed riding is an outdoor sport that combines paragliding and skiing, the principle of which is to alternate phases of flight and gliding on the snow as fast as possible, equipped with a small sail. This way, thanks to gravity, you can reach places that are not accessible by traditional means, and fly through areas that are inaccessible to skis. Accompanied by a qualified instructor, it is with skis on your feet that you will take off to discover this activity. It is a committed sport, requiring a good level of skiing and an effort in its learning and in the confidence given to the instructors. 100% adrenaline guaranteed!

Périodes d'ouverture

From 15/12 to 15/04, daily.

Subject to favorable weather.


Âge min : 16 years


1 session - 3 hours (from 3 people) : 99€.

1 session - 6 hours (from 4 people): 145€.

Private session - 3 hours : 320€ 1-2 pax / + 50€/pax extra

Private session - 6 hours : 430€ 1-2 pax / + 50€/pax extra

3 sessions - 3x6 hours : 360€ (€)

5 sessions - 5x6 hours : 530€.



Speed riding

You want to live a breathtaking experience, mixing gliding and aerial sensations? Try speed riding! It's an amazing cocktail combining skiing and aerial sports.

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  • Bank/credit card
  • Cash
  • Credit transfer
  • Pass-Cultura
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