Rock On Snow

Rock On Snow at avoriaz in a WOOD STOCK mode

Opening weekend major event for all snow sports and music lover.

We are inviting ski and snowboard enthusiasts as well as music lovers to come along to this season’s grand opening weekend.

Rock On Snow will bring together those who are contributing to the dynamism of the industry including leading brands and key players from developing names. The beginning of the season is an opportunity to give an overview of what’s on the market, and it’s the perfect opportunity to test out the equipment that several brands have to offer. Simply put, you cannot find a better opportunity to test out new skis, snowboards and accessories before anyone else.


1 day AVORIAZ = 21.00 €

2 days AVORIAZ = 40.00€

3 days AVORIAZ = 57.00€

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As well as being able to test out gear for free at the outlet stalls, Rock On Snow is also a musical event where DJ Mike Rock will perform his 70s-style set to liven up the foot of the slopes. Rock On will offer all sorts of entertainment inspired by “Woodstock” and the whole “peace and love” era, .

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