Accolades and Awards


Much more than just a brand, today Avoriaz is a philosophy of life that is centred around common values and a responsible way of life. Our partners share this philosophy and our passion for the mountains, sports and innovation.  



As a source of inspiration in the world of skiing, Dynastar advocates for passion, authenticity and being daring. Avoriaz 1800 was an obvious partner, thanks to the unique nature of the resort.

It’s more than a partnership – it’s a philosophy centred around the discovery of skiing and its multiple forms – and Dynastar and Avoriaz 1800 want to go back to the basics of the mountain experience: Go back to the simple things in life – sharing good times and allowing yourself to be whisked away by the magic of the mountains.

For 2 years now, Dynastar and Avoriaz 1800 have been working on developing  ski-touring. Two marked and secured slopes have been created at Avoriaz 1800 so that visitors can discover or improve their skills in ski-touring in complete safety. The rando-fluo (fluorescent hiking trails) are 3 nocturnal hiking expeditions created in 2019, which proved to be very successful, with close to 400 participants.

This year Dynastar and Avoriaz are offering 3 new nocturnal hiking expeditions: Information and registration available soon.

Accolades and Awards  Avoriaz, ski and summer holidays Portes du soleil Alps



Quiksilver is an emblematic boardsports brand of Boardriders, Inc., founded by a group of surfing enthusiasts in Australia in 1969. True to a unique lifestyle, Quiksilver holds passion, authenticity and innovation to be fundamental values. The brand’s identity is represented by its logo, a mountain inside a wave symbolizing its attachment to boardsports and its playgrounds, the sea and the slopes. Quiksilver products cover the whole range of sportswear, accessories and boardsports gear. Quiksilver is also intimately associated with the very best athletes and the biggest events in the history of boardsports.



ROXY, a brand of Boardriders, Inc., has been empowering female pioneers since 1990. The first and only exclusively-female global action sports brand, ROXY specializes in the development and design of trend-leading, technically innovative lifestyle and performance wear inspired by the Mountain & the Wave. By creating first-of-its-kind products designed for surfing, winter sports, fitness and yoga & cultivating a breed of female pioneers who changed the course of sport, ROXY has empowered all women to challenge the status quo in every arena of their lives.

Accolades and Awards  Avoriaz, ski and summer holidays Portes du soleil AlpsAccolades and Awards  Avoriaz, ski and summer holidays Portes du soleil Alps




Founded by an avid world traveler and entrepreneur who is passionate about surfing, EQ offers a range of certified organic cosmetics and eco-friendly accessories which work in balance with the environment and your lifestyle.

The range of sun care products that use 100% natural mineral pigments and are non-eco toxic to marine life. They do not contain chemical filters that pollute the oceans, nor parabens, PEG, synthetic fragrances, alcohol or pesticides. They only contain pure, beneficial and eco-friendly ingredients.

Avoriaz 1800 is working with EQ to raise awareness about how best to look after the environment and the water cycle: from the snowflakes to the waves.

Accolades and Awards  Avoriaz, ski and summer holidays Portes du soleil Alps



LeMont is an innovative French brand specialising in design,  offering adjustable and innovative street furniture that simplifies the daily life of its users. For 2 years now, LeMont has been reinventing the street furniture at Avoriaz 1800, in keeping with its unique architecture and values: enjoying the fresh air in the great outdoors.

On a French adventure, LeMont restyles the basics and spices up the classics. All of their furniture is designed and made in its French workshops with high quality raw materials, all from France. Either galvanised steel or aluminium is used for the structures and wood providers from self-sustaining forests are chosen.

In the collection inspired by the silhouette of Avoriaz, Benoit Maltier worked in partnership with the artist NASTY, who came up with his own take on the designer’s creation for a mix of lines and the most inspiring, vibrant colours.

Accolades and Awards  Avoriaz, ski and summer holidays Portes du soleil Alps

Accolades and Awards  Avoriaz, ski and summer holidays Portes du soleil Alps



The electric bike transforms the way we move around and is one of the most agile, comfortable and quite simply intelligent methods of modern transport. With positive effects on our health, the environment and our society. Bosch motor systems use components made with cutting-edge technology and great freedom in design, found in the majority of   products offered by bike manufacturers –  for mountain bikes, trekking bikes, city bikes or tourist bikes.

Avoriaz 1800 and Bosch are working together to promote and develop this new way of getting around, which can be just as fun as it is responsible. Today there are 80km cycle paths for electric mountain bikes, accessible directly from Avoriaz 1800.

In Avoriaz, Bosch has gone a step further and created the first Uphill Flow Trail in France. A trail that allows you to take full advantage of the capabilities of an electric mountain bike without all the hard work, thanks to its powerful Performance Line CX motorisation that runs in eMTB mode.  It is very user-friendly so that you can focus on the riding experience and taking in the landscape.

Accolades and Awards  Avoriaz, ski and summer holidays Portes du soleil AlpsAccolades and Awards  Avoriaz, ski and summer holidays Portes du soleil Alps

Mountain Epark / Quantya


The Tourist Office is run completely on electricity and has 2 electric snowmobiles for moving around the resort. Once again Avoriaz is taking the 1st step by testing out the 100% electric approach, a first amongst French resorts. Mountain e-park and the Swiss brand Quantya have created this snowmobile specially for Avoriaz – they are the only ones to have developed these electric snowmobile models.



Nature resorts give each other a helping hand! When you buy a season ticket at any resort you get 3 days of free skiing in a partner resort. Kiroro is a Japanese resort for those who love untouched powder snow and avid travelers. Just like Avoriaz, they are committed to offering their holidaymakers a real experience and not just a simple holiday!!