Avoriaz – the resort of the future for the last 50 years

the resort of the future for the last 50 years !

Avoriaz - the resort of the future for the last 50 years  Avoriaz, ski and summer holidays Portes du soleil Alps


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Avoriaz is a winter sports resort unlike any other.

Avoriaz is first and foremost about extraordinary human endeavour.

Avoriaz was the dream of a champion – the utopian Jean Vuarnet.

Avoriaz was the vision of a developer – the artist Gérard Brémond. Avoriaz is the ‘great work’ of an architect – the artisan Jacques Labro.

Three men aged under 30 who scoffed at received ideas, the certainties of the past and ideological convictions.

Visionary entrepreneurs who did away with the conventional principle of the ski resort and doggedly pursued their dream of creating a unique destination.

A car-free resort where the streets are snowy pistes, open only to pedestrians, skiers and horse-drawn sleighs.

A resort with a timeless architecture.

A resort at the heart of the Portes du Soleil, a fabulous ski area where “the mountains still rule the roost”.

A resort now world-famous but where the simple things in life still count.

This is the story that we have to tell. It’s a story about dreams, money, friendships, breaks with the past, celebrations, insane gambles, human destiny and more…

We’ll also reveal the future, a future that drives Avoriaz as much today as it has always done.

The founding fathers have left an indelible mark on the resort’s identity, the things that still today make it a resort ahead of its time. And throughout its development, Avoriaz has drawn on its groundbreaking principles to create new things, things never seen before, like Annie Famose’s Village des Enfants and Aquariaz.

The Les Dromonts Hotel, the first building to spring up from the mountainside, opened in time for Christmas 1966. Avoriaz was born.

On the 8th of January 1967, the resort was officially opened by Monsieur Ravanel, the Commissioner-General for Tourism.

Welcome to Avoriaz, the holiday resort that leaves behind the hustle and bustle of the city, that puts escape, peace and quiet and fun for everyone at the heart of its bright future.