New Lil’stash

New Lil’stash


Burton Snowboard and the resort developed a real STASH, dedicated to children from 4 to 14 years old, with modules and scenography adapted to their age.

LiL’STASH is located in the area of Proclou and unfolds on a landscape made of natural valleys, which continues up in the forest.

As with his big brother STASH, we find in LiL’STASH a succession of modules of snow and wood: mini boarder cross, snake run, kicker size XS, woops, an area for slides and boxes, area “snow land” To make turns, 1 wooden bridge, and an area in the forest.

The scenography takes an important part around the emblematic character of Stash, “Shreddie”: the idea was to build a scenario to feed a story about this fantastic character: does he have a family, friends, enemies, where does he live? why is he green?…

All the elements of narration: sign, totem, characters, hut, bridge … are made of wood by a local sculptor. This year it is growing and offers you a hut suspended in the trees! Come and discover this enchanted world!