A week to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Burton Stash, the famous nature friendly snowpark by Burton, where the wooden modules are hidden in a forest dedicated to the pleasure of freestyle.

Schedulled for this week : Stash gathering, Riglet park découverte, Step On demo, Banked Slalom, Lil’Stash contest and a lot of surprises.

  • Wednesday : Stash Gathering
  • Thursday : Riglet Park découverte & Step On demo
  • Friday : Stash Banked Slalom
  • Saturday : Lil’Stash Contest


Make room for the new generation ! A special contest for young riders in this space specially designed for them : small modules in snow and wood made by a local sculptor; snake run (mini boarder-cross), small kickers (XS cut), woops and a slides and boses area. 

This event is a good occasion to discover news of this Lil’Stash snowpark. It becames a three dimentions slope where it’s possible to slide on height plateforms, walk on gateways over the slopes or take a wooden bridge to reach Shreddie’s hut.